DIY Interior Design Ideas

  Untiqued is always looking for new ideas to use reclaimed lumber.  We love to see great interior design applications and share them with you.




Small Space Bedroom Design
Barn board wall and platform bed.

This small bedroom space is beautifully accented with
barn board.  This is a great design that is found at the 
Ace Hotel.

Bathroom wood counter - reclaimed barn wood

Reclaimed Barn Board Bathroom Counter

What a great alternative to any bathroom counter available
on the market.  Adds warmth and character to the room.

Small Space Loft
Barn Board Room Seperator

In loft living this is a wonderful idea to seperate your
sleeping quarters from your living space.

Barn Board Doors

We have a love for barn board doors.  They are a
gorgeous altnerative to standard doors or even non
functional decor as a focal point on a wall in both a 
rustic and modern environment.  A simple DIY project
with beautiful interior decor results.

Reclaimed Wood Island

Beautiful ! and easy to make.

Apartment Therapy
Barnboard Kitchen Island & Cupboards

Summer Cottage In The City

Beautiful open kitchen selving.

Grand  Barn Wood Fireplace


Barn Board Stairs

WOW! These are beautiful contrasted against the
white walls.

Barn Board Bed

What a great idea! Simple, interesting and a great project
for the DIYer.  Now can you envision an antique window
frame attached to the headboard? 


Barn Board Ceiling

Awesome barn board ceiling.

Barn Board Floors



Barn Board Flat Screen TV Frame


Barn Board Window Shutters


Barn Board Rolling Pin Holder

Beautiful Barn Wood In The Attic

Barn Board For The Bathroom